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Content guidelines - Preston business events

The add a business event form enables businesses and organisations to upload events in Preston and surrounding areas.

To make sure your event is suitable and listed as quickly as possible and visitors to the website are able to find quality information, please make sure you follow the content guidelines and fill in all the fields where possible.

Where a field is marked with an asterisk (*) this must be completed, otherwise your event will not be submitted.


Events should ideally be located in the North West.

Events sitting outside the region will be considered on an individual basis.


Copy should be written in a marketing tone to engage with your audience and encourage them to visit your event.

Remember to include all key information people would need to know. E.g. what is the event, what will be happening on the day, who is it for, how do you book tickets, is there any wider information people would want to know?

Around 2 to 3 paragraphs is recommended. A summary sentence isn't enough and could result in the event not being published. Press releases will not be accepted as copy.


Make sure you upload a good quality image to represent and promote your event. Posters/flyers are not appropriate as they are not intended for use as a small web image (text is too small and creates a cluttered look/feel).

Dimensions must be between: landscape 1000px x 2000px portrait 600px x 800px

Small images uploaded will be blurred and unusable.

What events are suitable?

Any event deemed inappropriate or unsuitable will not be approved.

Events will be looked at individually and you will receive an email if they are not approved. The email will explain our decision to you.

Suitable events include but aren't restricted to:

  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Expos
  • Association events
  • Congress
  • Business training events
  • Business charity events
  • Business sport events

What events are unsuitable?

Unsuitable events include but aren't restricted to:

  • Adult themed events (e.g., events of a sexual nature)
  • Gambling events
  • Political events
  • Weekly/monthly or reoccurring meetings (e.g. business networking)*

If your event is more suited as a business network, we have a business network section which you may be able to feature on. If you would like your club or society featured in the directory please email invest@preston.gov.uk.

What happens once the event has been submitted?

Once your event has been submitted it will enter an approval process. We aim to add your event as soon as possible, but during busy periods this could take up to five working days. Please bear this in mind and submit your event as soon as possible. This will also give your event more exposure the sooner it is uploaded.

If there is a problem with your event you will be contacted directly.

If you have any queries please email invest@preston.gov.uk