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Triple Letting for Preston's Animate Scheme

A trio of well-known restaurants is coming to Animate, Preston's multi-million pound leisure and entertainment complex

City Living development opportunities

East Cliff Apartments external building

Discover Preston's wide ranging city centre residential development opportunities.

The City Living Strategy has identified 28 sites available for residential development within the city centre and surrounding inner core neighbourhoods. These range from landmark apartment towers in the city centre to family home in more suburban locations.

These sites have been identified through a range of sources including Preston City Council's -  Local Plan and evidence base, local agents and property professionals and a review of brown field sites, as well as an examination of council land and property holdings.

Development opportunity sites

Map addresses of City Living development opportunities

City centre sites

The potential for apartment living and high-density housing including new build opportunities and conversions of existing commercial and heritage buildings:

  1. 50 Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 1DD
  2. 16 to 26 Avenham Street, Preston, PR1 3BN
  3. Rear of Bull and Royal Pub, 141 to 142, Church Street, Preston, PR1 3TY
  4. 10 to 12 Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 1DA
  5. Lancastria House, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2QH
  6. Glovers Court Car Park, Glovers Court, Preston, PR1 3LD
  7. Sports Hall, Garden Street, Preston, PR1 8RY
  8. Land at Queen Street, Manchester Road, Preston, PR1 4HL
  9. Corner of Manchester Road and Church Street, Preston, PR1 3BT
  10. Arkwright House, Midgery Lane, Preston, PR1 3XT
  11. Former Byrom Hotel, 25 to 35 Grimshaw Street, Preston, PR1 3DD
  12. 33 Manchester Road, Preston, PR1 3YH
  13. 11 to 19 Manchester Road, Preston, PR1 3YH
  14. 22 to 24 Manchester Road, Preston,PR1 3YH
  15. Oakham Court, Preston, PR1 3XD
  16. Land at Queen Street, Preston, PR1 3BY
  17. NCP Car Park and Former Bargain Galore Site, Preston, PR1 3BQ
  18. Lords Walk, Preston, PR1 1DH

The inner suburb sites

The opportunity to provide starter homes and family homes on a range of vacant brownfield sites that enjoy easy access into Preston City Centre:

    19. North Road Car Park, North Road, Preston, PR1 1TR

    20. Former Tulketh High School, Tag Lane, Preston, PR2 3TX

    21. Ribbleton Hall High School, Ribbleton, Preston, PR2 6EE

    22. The Larches House, Larches Lane, Preston, PR2 1QE

    23. Moor Park Avenue Tennis Club, Moor Park Avenue, Preston, PR1 6AS

    24. Moor Park Avenue Depot, Moor Park Avenue, Preston, PR1 6AT

    25. Parker Street, Preston, PR1 7PZ

    26. Southgate Works, Georges Road, Preston, PR1 1NP

    27. Spindle Maker Arms, 214 Lancaster Road North, Preston, PR1 2PZ

    28. Kensington Drive, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 8EB

How to express an interest

To express an interest in delivering any of the available development opportunities please contact:

Ongoing support and guidance

Preston City Council is willing to support land owners, agents, property professionals, developers and housing associations who share their vision for residential growth. For those parties willing to provide the investment, they are happy to provide ongoing support and guidance.

Other development opportunities

For wider key city centre projects taking place across Preston City Centre and associated development opportunities see key projects.

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