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Preston Partnership

Join Preston Partnership, champion the current and future success of the city and help make Preston an even better place to invest, live, work and visit.

Preston Partnership is an independent partnership of businesses and organisations that are passionate about Preston and contributing towards the continued growth and development of the city.

It's an exciting time for Preston. The evidence of the city changing is everywhere. Whether you look at the physical changes across the city centre, cranes and other construction vehicles across the central Lancashire footprint, or focus on the ever-increasing range of both well-known and independent restaurants, bars and cafes. Now is the time to engage in the dialogue about what happens next and how together we make it happen.

Together is the key. However, as we all know, together only works when there is commitment, energy and dialogue from all sides - this is why Preston Partnership was created.

What Preston Partnership does

  • Members from the public, private and third sector connected to Preston bringing together commitment and energy to establish a dialogue
  • A powerful network that is regularly informed about what is happening in Preston
  • A group who collaborate on projects to influence the development of Preston through ideas, involvement and resource
  • An opportunity to actively engage in supporting the growth, development and future potential of Preston and making sure we all shout about it to the wider world

Benefits of being a member

  • Free attendance to Preston Partnership events
  • Regular e-newsletters
  • Build networks with people and businesses who share the same goals for the city
  • Invitation to Added Value Events
  • Entry in the Preston Partnership member directory
  • Members digital badge
  • Opportunity to host events centred around specific topics
  • Promotion through X - Preston Partnership and LinkedIn - Preston Partnership
  • Opportunity to engage with and influence the future of the city

Who can become a member?

Preston Partnership invites Preston businesses and placemaking professionals to become a member. 

How to join

To join Preston Partnership visit Preston Partnership.

Membership is free from September 1 2023 until August 31 2024.

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